Soothe CBD Grapefruit Beverage Shot


  • THC 0.00 mg
  • CBD 25.00 mg

Edibles Non-Solids - Nuveev Soothe CBD Grapefruit Beverage Shot

Vessl technology releases a proprietary CBD blend into your beverage, ensuring accurate dosing and eliminating the need for preservatives, for a balancing experience with rapid onset that tastes fresher. Nuveev's CBD Grapefruit beverage is a blend of refreshing flavour and CBD to provide balance to your day. Why not try Nuveev CBD Grapefruit beverage? Nuveev brings the CBD in an innovative delivery system. We develop innovative new formulas through ethical, responsible practices using naturally derived ingredients.

THC: 0.00 mg
CBD: 25.00 mg