Subway Scientist Pre-Roll


Cannabis Weight

$4.90 $1.40/g

$6.90 $6.90/g

  • THC 17.00 - 27.00%
  • CBD 0.00 - 1.00%

Dried Cannabis - RIFF - Subway Scientist Pre-Roll

Subway Scientist Pre-Roll is made with a high potency THC strain from RIFF - a recreational cannabis line by Aphria. Released in 2018, this strain is Aphria’s version of Grand-daddy Purple. Their product ranges from 17 to 27% THC and less than 1% CBD, making it appropriate for moderate to advanced users, depending on the batch. Unlike traditional flower, this product comes pre-rolled into separate joints. This makes it highly convenient for smokers looking to avoid the hassle of rolling their own. Users report a grape, berry, sweet flavour.


THC: 17.0 - 27.0%      CBD: 0.0% -1.0%