Ghost Gelato Flower

Original Stash

  • THC 31.00 - 37.00%
  • CBD 0.00 - 1.00%

Dried Cannabis - Original Stash Ghost Gelato Flower

Introducing Ghost Gelato, the cream of the crop from Original Stash. This hauntingly delicious indica cultivar is a perfect blend of Ghost Train Haze and Gelato, creating a unique and potent experience that'll have you feeling pure bliss. Experience the rich and earthy notes of Myrcene, complemented by the spicy and woody aroma of Caryophyllene, and the refreshing and citrusy taste of Limonene and with 1.3% total terpenes, this cultivar is also perfect for those looking for a more natural and flavorful experience, making Ghost Gelato a 'terp-tastic' choice. With THC levels ranging from 28-34%, Ghost Gelato is sure to deliver a relaxing and euphoric high. Don't be afraid of the Ghost, embrace it with Ghost Gelato, only from Original Stash.


THC: 31.00 - 37.00%

CBD: 0.00 - 1.00%