Aionia CBD Topical Tincture Oil



$4.90 $0.16/ml

  • THC 0.00 - 1.00 mg/ml
  • CBD 30.00 mg/ml

Cannabis Topicals - Rilaxe Aionia CBD Topical Tincture Oil

Aionia CBD oil is easy to use, discreet and convenient.  Aionia CBD Oil is made from a high-potency CBD extract and blended with non-genetically modified MCT oil.  Aiona CDB Oil contains 33.33mg of CBD per ML of oil.  Aionia which means everlasting life in Greek, proudly developed these products in BC by our team of experts which have been tested rigorously to ensure a high quality, high mg consistent dosage product at an affordable price.  This oil product is for oral use only.  DO NOT smoke or vape this oil.


THC: 0.00 - 1.00 mg/ml

CBD: 30.00 mg/ml