Emollient Meadowfoam Seed CBD Topical Oil

Madge and Mercer

  • THC 0.7 mg/g
  • CBD 14.00 mg/g

Cannabis Topicals - Madge and Mercer Emollient Meadowfoam Seed CBD Topical Oil

Developed in consultation with Dr Sandy Skotnicki, a dermatologist specializing in skin allergies, L’Émollient is a rich facial oil serum. Reducing the ingredient list to only the most highly functional ingredients, it is purposefully formulated with squalane, meadowfoam seed oil, oat oil and infused with CBD. Formulated for facial topical use. L’emollient is made without animal products, and comes in a glass bottle with an easy to use dropper top. Free of sulfates, SLS and SLES, parabens, and phthalates. Form and function. Designed just for you.

THC: 0.7 mg/g
CBD: 14.00 mg/g