5 Best strain for Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Cannabis product

5 Best strain for Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Cannabis product

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Have you always been double-minded about buying cannabis products? Have you thought about which would be the best product to try? Here are some of the best product ideas to try for Sativa, Indica or Hybrid. We interviewed many customers who are buying these products and also checked our sales records and based on this we came-up with this product list. The choice between sativa, Indica and hybrid depends person to person, it also depends on the activity they are doing after consuming the cannabis. Different age groups also prefer different strains as well. You always have an option to buy CBD online with thejointcannabis website.  Now, let’s move on what to know about those stains. 

Sativa :

1> Strawberry Cough:

Those cannabis users who like the fruity taste most in their cannabis products, then this strawberry cough would be the perfect option for them. It smells like sweet berries that is why it is called strawberry cough. This strain is the mixture of strawberry field and haze strain. People love to have this in their routine collection.

2> Sour Diesel:

This is one of the most popular strains among cannabis users. This strain is a cross between chemdog91 and Super Skunk. It smells like a gas as its name suggests.

3> Durban Poison:

It’s originally called an african strain because it’s native roots belong to africa. This is a very strong strain which easily makes you very high. It is a sativa strain but this will affect slightly differently than other strains.

4> Blue Dream:

This sativa dominant strain is the mixture of haze and blueberry strain. It has a sweet berry taste and it also smells like it. This strain contains 18% THC but also has some low CBD percentages in it. This strain has a growing life cycle of around 70 days in a good environment. 

5> Green Cush:

This strain is from the tropical fruit range like mangoes and oranges. Many consumers report that it makes them feel very energetic.  

Indica :

1> The Celebrity Strain: Northern Lights:

This is the most popular strain among the indica strain, this strain has the THC value of 16-26%. This strain is ideal to take at night time.

2> The Stress Busting Strain: Afghani:

This is pure indica strain This is grown on hindu kush mountains, and for that reason it is named as afghani strain. It is believed to be a 1000 years old strain and has an earthy and sweet flavour aroma. 

3> The Euphoric Strain: Girl Scout Cookies (GSC):

This is a very powerful indica strain and it will reach its THC level up to 28%. This strain started in California, USA and now it is popular amongst all of Canada. It is famous for its earthy and sweet aroma flavour. 

4> The Urban Legend Strain: G-13:

This is known as government strain as it is bred by the US government and it is also very popular in the USA and Canada. It has THC levesl up to 24%. It has a strong aroma of orange. 

5> The Classic Strain: Granddaddy Purple:

This fruity range stain was invented in around 2003. It has 17-27% THC level and 7% CBD level. It has a classy candy-flavour. This strain is the cross between big bud and Urkle strains.  

Hybrid : 

1> White Widow:

The flower buds of white widow strain are very thick and white coated. This strain is invented by crossing the Brazilian Landrace with a south Indian landrace. 

2> Chemdog:

This is invented in 1970, this is the best strain to give gassy smoke and aroma and after this strain, the diesel flavour profile becomes extremely obvious. It doesn’t take much to do the job. 

3> Og kush:

This is a backbone of California cannabis culture, and was invented in 1990. 

4> Original Glue:

This hybrid strain is a complex mix of Chem’s sister, chocolate diesel, and sour dubb genetics. If you are looking for a strain that will lock you for a few hours this is it. It has an earthy and diesel aroma. 

5> Wedding Cake:

This is one of the newest hybrid strains which have vanilla frosting taste. 

These are all the list of popular strains in sativa indica and hybrid. So, do not forget to check this blog before you choose your strain for your next shopping trip. You can order cannabis strain online anytime from our website. 


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