The Top Designer Cannabis Accessories to Add to Your Collection

The Top Designer Cannabis Accessories to Add to Your Collection

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Everyone loves creativity. Everyone is looking for something new in their daily lives, in their routine, in their clothing. So it makes sense that you would look for creativity in cannabis as well. Whatever your current aesthetic may be, we have many creative and amazing options in cannabis accessories to suit any style. Over time, more and more luxury and designer cannabis accessory products have hit the shelves, and we list some of the most popular ones in this article. So, next time when you buy cannabis accessories online don’t forget to check for the newest designer items. Make your cannabis accessories reflect your own creativity with an unlimited amount of different options to choose from.


Grinders are one of the most important products for cannabis consumers. Everyone likes different types of grinders like 2-piece grinders, 3-piece grinders or 4-piece grinders. But all of those grinders can be unique in their designs or the material used to make it. There are some great wooden grinders, stainless steel grinders and other designer grinders that can be purchased including the following:

  • 2.5” 2 Piece Hex Grinders: 

This grinder comes with a unique Hex shape. It has two chambers: the top teeth and bottom chamber with teeth as well. Put your cannabis in between and then you can grind your product. This device is made by Rolling club. This is available in many colors so you can buy your favorite color.

  • Combo Crusher All-In-One Grinder:

This is a multi purpose all-in-one grinder from the Wolf brand and it has a kind of swiss-army structure. It has 6 multi functional elements including a Bic Mini lighter holster, removable pipe with a quartz glass bowl and swivel cover, pick piece, bottle opener, kief catch, and grinder. This is the perfect device for those who love to go for adventure trips and consume cannabis during their journey.


Many people use pipes as an alternative to bongs but this is in fact the traditional way of smoking weed. History has shown that pipes have been used as primary accessories for smoking for thousands of years. In the present era of the cannabis industry there are many new technologies involved in making cannabis accessories. As a result of these improvements, we have products like a pipe built in the coffee mug, so cannabis can be enjoyed with coffee or tea. Pipes are very small in size compared to bongs which make them more portable and discreet. Pipes can be made with different materials such as wood, glass, or metal. The different materials make them unique in look as well as in experience of smoking. Order pipes online now and get them delivered to your home. Some of our favorite pipes include:

  • J 2 - Smoke and mirror Pipe: 

The 4" journey pipe 2 delivers a cool smoking experience in every way; It cools smoke for smoother hits, stays cool to the touch even under the fire of a lighter, snaps apart and attaches magnetically for quick cleaning, and has a permanent screen-less filter (which is way cool). This unique pipe never clogs - just pop it open and wipe it clean. It's also easy to load- just snap open the lid (magnets hold it all together), then snap it closed and no spills.

  • Transparent stand-up metal Pipe: 

Small but crazy effective, these metal pipes are easy to maintain, conceal and barely cost anything to begin with, and the midsection can be taken apart. This metal pipe has removable parts so it is very easy to clean. 


Bongs are the most common smoking device used for smoking cannabis in Canada. Bongs come in many varieties with different brands, many different structures, different materials, Different sizes, different percolators, etc.. The experience of smoking through a bong is different depending on these factors. The two most common types of bongs are beaker bongs and straight shooter bongs. Beaker bongs require more water and help the smoke to cool down a little bit more than straight shooters, but also take up more space. When you are buying bongs you need to consider several factors such as stability of bongs, size, cleaning factors, glass quality and brand value. Some of our favorite designer bongs include:

  • Milkyway 15" 9mm Bio-Grid Beaker Bong:

This is one of the most expensive bongs in our collection. This 14” color worked beaker is from the Milkyway Bio-Tech Collection. It features signature icons (heart & brain) and comes with a colored stem and Orbit bowl. The design is based on the idea of the body’s evolution from biological to mechanical. The base includes a double layer sandblast and ice-restriction. 

  • Moda Vase Ceramic Bong: 

This unique and attractive piece is made of ceramic and it has a wide mouth piece, sturdy base and a glass stem. It is available in two colors which are classic white and Black. This is a product that definitely deserves a place in every connoisseur's collection. 

At The Joint Cannabis Shop we proudly carry the most extensive collection of designer cannabis accessories in Canada all at the best prices. Shop online now and have designer cannabis accessories delivered to you across Canada!


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