Yocan Regen - A New Wax Vaporizer Standard

Yocan Regen - A New Wax Vaporizer Standard

The Joint CannabisMar 16, '20

Yocan is the one of the most popular brands in Cannabis accessories, they have many unique, attractive vaporizers and all of them are budget friendly. Almost all cannabis users keep a Yocan product in their Cannabis collection. Also, Yocan introduces many new products regularly. The Yocan regen is one of the latest Cannabis accessories from Yocan. 


The Yocan Regen is an affordable concentrate vaporizer made for the hard-hitters. It includes two different quartz coils that produce intense vapor and big clouds. The vapor quality is premium compared to other pens in its class. It's a product with the latest technology which gives extra level experience of vaping. It has a powerful battery of 1100 mAH and uses silicon in its construction. It’s also known as an advanced wax concentrate vaporizer. 


Structure of the Yocan:

The Yocan Regen consists of 5-6 parts, the most bottom part known as a built-in silicon Jar in which you can store and carry your cannabis material so you don’t need to get any extra storage. Above the silicon Jar, there is a long and powerful 1100 mAH battery which gives long life to the vaporizer. Then the battery is connected with the base via a hanging ring. The base gives the platform for the coil that is used to vaporize your material. The top part is known as the mouth pic or atomizer tube by which the users can inhale vapor. The atomizer tube and the base is connected with a magnet so it is far better then the screw or sticky thread or something like that. It is very easy to take on and off the top part. 


New Coil options: 

In this Yocan regen advanced vaporizer, we have two options for the coil, there is a popular quartz dual coil(QDC) and there is a newly introduced tri coil(QTC). You can see the picture of the coil in the image below, the QDC provides purest experience and guarantees a crystal clear and smooth essence. The QTC is more powerful then the QDC which gives a little more flavor for your product. 

Other feature of this products: 

  • Adjustable voltage level: 

There are three options for the voltage, you can choose from 3 voltage levels like 3.0 v, 3.5 v and 4.0 as per your product requirement. You can feel a different vaping experience with all different voltage levels.  


  • Compact and portable: 

It’s very easy to carry out, because it is really tiny and very suitable for the hand. It only has 110 mm of length with 19mm of diameter.

  • Many colors to choose from: 

This device has more color options then other vaporizers from other brands. It comes in black, stainless steel, gray, apple green, light red and light blue. 


What comes in the package? 

This device comes with QTC and QDC coil, a user manual, hanging ring, pick tool, USB charger. 

Are you ready to buy this product? it is really worth spending $34.99 for this vaporizer because of all its features and attractive look. Click here to redirect to the product page to purchase this product online. 


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