Benchmark Botanics Dela Haze Sets A New Benchmark

Benchmark Botanics Dela Haze Sets A New Benchmark

The Joint CannabisFeb 21, '20

Introducing The Joint’s strain of the month, Dela haze, a long-time cultural favorite and currently available locally by Benchmark Botanics in Saskatchewan. Dela haze is a classic sativa-classified strain originally bred and sold by the powerhouse Paradise Seeds from the Netherlands. Dela haze was created by combining Mango Haze with a California cut of Lemon Skunk, resulting in a super plant that boasted both high yields and moderate flowering time while simultaneously delivering the quintessential “Haze” effect, with higher-than-average THC content. 

Dela Haze Benchmark Botanics Saskatchewan Cannabis

The bud structure is known for sticky, cone-like buds and that are generally light green in colour. Users report a variety of uplifting effects, that come on in a creeping fashion, building up to a euphoric and uplifting experience. Once established, this buzz has been reported to spread to the body, while remaining clean and clear for lengthy periods of time. 

Benchmark Botanics Awards Dela Haze

Dela haze has survived the test of time, winning multiple global awards between 2008 and 2018 proving the strain’s outstanding longevity and respect within the cannabis culture scene. A “must try” strain, Dela haze provides necessary background context and history leading up to today’s legal cannabis industry.

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