Whistler Cannabis Co - Build By A Community Of Growers

Whistler Cannabis Co - Build By A Community Of Growers

The Joint CannabisMar 10, '20

Right From The Source

A couple things Whistler Cannabis Co. has to say about their company

Built by a community of growers who believe in the difference of growing naturally, we produce products we love, in a place we love.

Our journey to becoming Canada's first organic certified cannabis farmers started with the idea that our plants could and should be grown naturally. To be honest with you getting here wasn't easy, but we're proud to have made it through! The main lessons we learned along the way are that doing everything by hand, in small batches and using local suppliers is what makes all the difference. "The Joint Cannabis" has the collection from the whistler so you can order cannabis online from our website

Here at Whistler Cannabis Co, we do things the hard way because we know it's the right way.

The Lowdown

Hugging the base of Mt Sproatt, Whistler Cannabis Co. is an exclusive licensed producer that does things a little differently.

Here, you won't find hydroponics, pesticides, or anything resembling mass production. Here, you will find organic growing, hand-crafted flowers, and good old fashioned farming (with all the perks of modern science and technology). Said to be grown the hard way because it is the right way.

Whistler, British Columbia is a small town with a world-renowned reputation for its immense natural beauty, and entrenched love of the outdoors that permeates every facet of the local culture. That's why our growers love it here, and that's why they love to grow here.

Whistler Cannabis Co. is the first organic certified Licensed Producer in Canada and only grower to maintain that status for five years (and counting).

The Whistler nursery was the first in the country to receive this title, which means that third-party inspectors are able to visit the location at any time to ensure Whistler Cannabis Co. continue to meet the criteria set out by The Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA). Certification is renewed every 12 months, which includes an application, a third-party independent inspection, and an assessment from the team at FVOPA

What Makes Whistler Different

Right from Whsitler Cananbis Co. words

We can't give away all our secrets, but we'll share at least one big one: Living soil.

Living soil is everything you would expect from a happy, healthy farm. It's filled with natural organic matter, including helpful insects, beneficial bacteria, and fungi. Even though all you'd see is a pile of dirt, it's actually a complete ecosystem that naturally promotes plant health by fighting off diseases, regulating water, and decomposing organic matter.

Not everyone uses living soil. It costs more to maintain, and it takes a whole lot more TLC from our growing team. The alternative, sometimes known aptly as ‘dead dirt' is what happens when you overload the soil with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. It comes from too much tilling, and it ultimately makes for less fertile dirt, and definitely less than ideal growing conditions for premium cannabis.

Sadly, that seems to be the trend for modern agriculture.

At Whistler Cannabis Co, we're bucking the trend. Our growers are bona fide green thumbs – they genuinely care about the flowers, and know each strain intimately. They are masters in recognizing what each plant needs, and their knowledge of living soils is just one piece of the puzzle.

As for the rest of our growing practice secrets – those are staying in the vault, but we know that our products speak for themselves.

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