Roll the Joint with Best quality Rolling papers

Roll the Joint with Best quality Rolling papers

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Rolling a joint is one of the oldest methods for smoking cannabis. It’s quick, with experience, and very cheap to get a joint rolled up and start smoking. A pack of papers can cost as little as 0.89 cents and range in sizes and thickness which gives  you the ability to try a few and see what you like without breaking the bank! It can take some practice to master rolling so if you’re learning and your joint doesn’t look pretty… break it apart and try again! If you’d prefer not to roll but still enjoy smoking a joint, look for pre-rolled Joint!

The rolling paper companies have tried very hard to ensure there’s a paper for every preference. Some have continued making cigarette-type papers that have been in use since cigarettes started being rolled up. These papers are very familiar to most consumers and have remained a popular choice for those reasons. Other companies have taken an approach to appeal to the new generation of cannabis consumers and provide rolling papers made with sustainable materials like hemp and rice. Each sheet of rolling papers comes with a dried glue strip so once you create your joint you can moisten the glue and seal it up. Pre-rolled cones are already set up and ready for you to fill! Easy, right?

WOOD PULP: Generally thicker and bleached white. Has a stronger taste. If you want the classic white, fast burning paper this is it! 

HEMP: Generally thinner, although thicker hemp papers can be found. Usually a tan brown colour if unbleached. They have a slight, but pleasant taste and are slower burning than wood pulp papers. If you want a happy medium between thin/thick and slow/fast burn, this may be the one!

RICE: Very thin. Provides little to no taste. Has a natural white colour so bleaches generally aren’t used. Slippery to roll with but if you really want to taste your cannabis, this may be your pick!

Having a tough time choosing which pack of papers to pick up? Here’s a few general rules to follow:

  1. Are you learning to roll? - Thicker papers provide more grip but sacrifice taste. Thin papers tend to be slippery which makes rolling tougher for those learning but will be the best tasting.
  2. How long do you want to smoke? Are you sharing? - a king size paper which is approximately 110mm in length will take more cannabis to roll and will smoke for longer than the shorter 1 ¼ papers (approx. 79mm) or single wide (approx. 70mm). Sizes vary slightly between brands. Pick the size of your paper by gauging how much, and how long you want to smoke!
  3. Do you want a slow or fast burn? - Thinner papers provide a slower burn. Air is able to pass through the paper while you smoke which slows the burn rate. Thicker papers force any air for you to inhale to come through the burning end which accelerates the flame!
  4. Do you have really tasty cannabis? - Although there will almost always be a slight taste provided from the papers, a thinner paper has less material and therefore less added taste. Bleaches will also add taste so look for something unbleached. If the cannabis you’re smoking doesn’t taste great you might choose a pack of thicker or flavoured papers to attempt to cover it up.
  5. Do you have dietary restrictions? - Some paper glues are vegan and gluten free, some aren’t. Flavoured papers may have certain allergens present depending on flavour as well. Pay attention!

With seemingly countless rolling paper brands, it can be tough to pick one. Use the guidelines above to try a few types of papers and see what you like rolling with and smoking the best. As mentioned, some paper brands are not friendly to certain dietary restrictions. Because of this, my brand preference is Raw rolling papers:

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Raw is an American company that offers a non-GMO, unbleached, gluten-free, vegan and chalk-free hemp rolling papers with a tree sap glue. They’re raw, natural & unrefined. Raw offers 3 paper types: Classic, Organic Hemp & Black. All types come equipped with a cross-hatch pattern on the paper to encourage an even burn rate and discourage one section of the paper from burning faster than the others. They’re all thin, slow-burn papers but the blacks are the thinnest paper Raw makes. The Classic and Black papers are made with regularly farmed hemp whereas the organic hemp papers are made with organically farmed hemp. The organic papers are slightly lighter in colour than the classics but no bleach is used to achieve this. Raw also offers packs of pre-rolled cones in a variety of sizes made with their classic paper so you can achieve that perfectly rolled cone joint without the practice!

PLEASE NOTE: If you want a vegan paper of ANY brand…. You’re going to get a glue that needs a gentle touch. This is the price to pay for keeping it vegan and not using animal based glues! Lick the backside of the gumline to moisten instead of licking the glue strip directly. The glue on flavoured papers admittedly tastes pretty great… so just restrain yourself and moisten the glue through the paper. If you lick the glue strip the natural sugars in the glue will dissolve on your tongue before they have a chance to stick!

Here at The Joint, we understand our customers have a broad range in preference for cannabis consumption methods.  Rolling a joint is not the healthiest way to consume, but for many it’s hard to beat the low-cost and convenience. We hope this article was informative and that the information will make your next visit to or one of our storefronts as easy as rolling up a joint! 

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