Product Review: Trailblazer Kushmas

Product Review: Trailblazer Kushmas

Digital MarketingDec 28, '20

At The Joint we're in full holiday mode, and that means a plethora of fun seasonal products are hitting our shelves. Which ones have you tried? The Holi-daze are the perfect time to partake in some bud. There’s plenty of time for presents and holiday cheer this holiday season, but how about limited edition cannabis? On today’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at a limited edition pre-roll called Kushmas from our friends over at Trailblazer Cannabis. 

First things first, While we understand that one pre-roll may not be enough to get you through the holidays, The price point on this product will quickly remedy that. At $4.70/pre-roll, Kushmas makes a great option to try something new this holiday, or a nice, inexpensive stocking stuffer for your best buds that will keep you lit up like a Christmas tree but isn’t going to break the bank. 

Taking a closer look at the packaging for this product, It isn’t going to blow you away with over the top holiday cheer. Part of me wishes they would’ve made it a bit more festive somehow, but with that being said the holiday-themed green color of the box is a nice touch to give the product some holiday feel. I’d say, it’s pretty standard stuff and if you’ve ever purchased another Trailblazer pre-roll you’ll already know what to expect. 

This strain consists of a unique Indica dominant blend of Mendocino Purple Kush and Critical Kush, which makes for a nice smoke. On the terpene side of things with this strain, you’ll find a festive punch of pine, sweetness, and spice packed inside, further adding to the flavor that this strain brings. 

If you consider yourself an experienced cannabis user, don’t let the 14.50-18.50% THC range fool you. This strain does pack a nice punch that will leave you feeling “kushy” during your third “walk” of the day or cozied up and comfortable waiting patiently for December 25th to roll around. If you’re new to the cannabis space, This strain also makes a great option to get your feet wet in the world of high THC strains. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this strain, I think that all things considered,  If you’re looking for something festive and fun to try out this holiday season then this strain is a perfect option. Or, if you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer/inexpensive gift option I’d definitely recommend this one as well. It’s got a good price point, solid flavor, and a high THC range.. What else could you really ask for? Try it out today, Available at all The Joint Cannabis store across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. 

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