Get Energized: The Joint's 5 Favorite Sativa SKUs Of January

Get Energized: The Joint's 5 Favorite Sativa SKUs Of January

Digital MarketingFeb 1, '21

The first full month of 2021 is over and done with. As crazy as it is for us to say that, If you’ve been shopping at The Joint at all this year, Then you’ll already know that it’s been another month filled with new product arrivals in our stores. With that being said, In today’s blog we’re taking a look at some products that will help you “energize” all the way through 2021. Let’s not waste any more time and take a look at 5 of The Joint’s hand-selected Sativa products in stock for the month of January. 


#5.) Edison La Strada Flower 3.5g (671148401013)

Coming in at number five on our list is La Strada from Edison. This midrange Sativa is a no-nonsense, full-bodied smoke that you’ll be sure to love. The earthy, herbal, and citrus notes found in this flower provide a must-try flavor. Currently this bud is sitting at 14.00 - 20.50% THC and 0.00-1.00% CBD, so even if you’re an experienced user this one should still get the job done. La Strada’s big, dense and frosty nugs will be sure to uplift anyone’s mood. Try it out today!

#4.) Wana Mango Sativa Gummies 2x0.5g (800447000577) 

Coming in at the number four spot on our list, We have a mango-flavored offering from Wana. Cracking open the package of these gummies, you’ll instantly notice the notes of refreshing sweetness elevated with bursts of tangy citrus come together to create this tasty mango gummy goodness. This product is handcrafted with all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients, so you know that you’re getting a product you can feel good about. 

#3.) Tweed Houndstooth Pre Roll 1x1.0g (688083001604)

Taking the number three spot on this list is a Sativa dominant strain from Tweed called Houndstooth. Inside the packaging of this flower, you’ll find good-sized nugs, with a nice purple hue. The sweet and earthy scent of this bud pairs perfectly with a smoke sesh indoors or out. If you’re looking for a fair priced and strong Sativa that will keep you buzzing throughout the day, then this is the option for you. 

#2.) Houseplant Sparkling Grapefruit Beverage 355ml (688083002533)

At the number two spot on our list, We’re taking a look at a beverage offering from Houseplant. Inside the can, you’ll find 355ml of cannabis-infused soda water mixed with grapefruit flavor. If you’ve ever tried grapefruit-flavored Bubbly, then you’ll be right at home with the taste here. This product offers 2.5mg of THC per can and contains little to no CBD either. This Sativa-dominant beverage makes for the perfect option to discreetly quench your cottonmouth, without any combustion. Try it out today! 

#1.) Marley Natural Gold 510 Cartridge (826966011641)

Closing off our list at the number one spot, we’ve got a 510 vape cartridge from Marley Natural. Inside the 510 cart, you’ll find 0.5g of cannabis oil made from a winterized Sativa. As the name suggests, you’re not getting anything you wouldn’t recognize here with no artificial flavors or carrier oils.  This cartridge shares the same sweet, floral flavor as its flower counterpart with a bit of diesel thrown in for good measure. All in all, this is a good mood-boosting strain perfect for getting that to-do list done. 


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