Different Extracts On The Market

Different Extracts On The Market

The Joint CannabisOct 26, '21

Dried cannabis has been around for ages. Comparatively, extracts are a more recent phenomenon. They’re some of the most potent forms of cannabis around, with effects that are fast-acting and long-lasting.

For clarity’s sake, let’s start by defining what an extract is. It’s a distilled form of cannabis, which is made by processing fresh, dried, or frozen plant matter. What makes extracts different from one another? It has to do with the extraction methods that are used. Different extraction techniques create unique flavours, colours, and textures. 

Just like dried flower, you can purchase extracts of any strain. We’re going to go over a few different types of extracts available:

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is extracted using a unique ice-water method which freezes trichomes so that they separate easily from the cannabis plant. Its unusual name comes from the fact that when you smoke it, it starts to bubble


Also known as crystalline or THC crystals, this extract is known for its staggering potency. The texture resembles sugar crystals, hence the name. Diamonds are first obtained using a cold-extraction method on a cannabis plant; then, pressure is applied until crystals form.


If you’re looking for an extract with a distinct flavour and powerful scent, consider picking up some rosin. Its deep amber colour is nearly translucent. This product is often extracted from bubble hash.

Live Resin

Not to be confused with rosin, live resin extracts have an especially strong aroma and taste; this is due to their high terpene content. They’re extracted from fresh, and often frozen, cannabis plants rather than dried and cured buds.

Badder & Crumble

The consistency of these products is just like their real namesakes. Badder is also sometimes referred to as budder, due to its buttery-like consistency. During the extraction process, it’s whipped to create its smooth signature texture. Like other solid extracts, badder and crumble can be difficult to handle, and typically require a dabbing tool. 


This extract resembles a thin sheet of glass. It has an amber tint and is sticky to the touch. Shatter is commonly used with dab rigs. As the name suggests, this product is delicate, so handle it with care!


For a more malleable extract, try wax; it’s sticky, sugary, and powerful. Due to its warm amber or light colour, you might mistake this product for honey if you didn’t know what you were looking at.


Do you use a grinder to break down dried cannabis? Then you might be familiar with this extract already. Kief is found naturally on the outside of cannabis buds. This powdery dust collects in the bottom chamber of a grinder, and can easily be used to increase the potency of a bowl or joint.

Honey Oil

Also known as hash oil, this product can have a THC content upwards of 80%. This golden sap is often infused into drinks, foods, or creams. You can even ingest it sublingually by placing it under your tongue until it absorbs. 

Extracts aren’t typically consumed in a water pipe or bong. Instead, you’ll need to use a vaporizer or dab rig to smoke/vaporize them. Depending on the type of extract you choose, you may be able to ingest it directly.

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