Product Review: PuraVida 510 Hybrid Vape Cartridge

Product Review: PuraVida 510 Hybrid Vape Cartridge

Digital MarketingJan 22, '21

Since the beginning of cannabis legalization in Canada, We’ve seen the world of legal cannabis extracts evolve tenfold. Flash forward to 2021 and plenty of amazing options for vape cartridges using full-spectrum cannabis oil are popping up from plenty of brands and I’m definitely all for it. That said, it only makes sense that for this week’s entry on the blog I give my thoughts on a vape cartridge that also brings a unique twist with it to the market. 

If you take a quick browse through the extracts section of our website you'll quickly notice Pura Vida’s 510 cartridge lineup. It’s one of our most popular and cost-effective options to try out when it comes to the world of cannabis extracts. So naturally, without hesitation, I had to give it a try for myself and see what all the buzz was about. 

Right off the bat when you receive this product, the packaging isn’t going to blow you away. It’s nothing too fancy, with no complex opening instructions or mission impossible esque ways to take the product out of the box (I know you know what I’m talking about) I definitely prefer it this way, so don't take that as a knock on the product at all. Anyway dear reader, I know you aren’t here to talk about what the packaging looks like, so let’s talk about the good stuff....   

Opening up the package, I’ll start off by saying: the tiny container that the cartridge fits inside to make sure it isn’t bouncing all the way across the country during shipping made me happy to see. It’s a nice touch that just adds some peace of mind for the customer when purchasing. Taking a look at what’s inside of the actual cartridge, you’ll find 0.50ml of 100% additive-free, full-spectrum cannabis extract. It’s worth mentioning that Pura Vida products come with no added carrier oils or cutting agents. That fact alone made me pretty comfortable in purchasing this product because I knew exactly what I was getting. 


Something you’ll notice that makes these 510 cartridges so unique on the market is that they contain honey oil as a carrier, Something that not many (if any) other products on the market are doing. This helps to provide a really distinct honey flavor in each puff mixed with subtle hints of pepper and citrus thrown in there to really balance out the flavor. If I’m being honest, I was a bit skeptical about the whole honey oil aspect of this product when I  first spotted it on the shelf. I don’t personally like the taste of honey all that much, but that wasn’t a problem at all here.  

As far as dosage goes, this cartridge provides a 100mg/ml dose of CBD and a 750.00 mg/ml dose of THC, so it should pack more than enough of a punch for even the most experienced users. In terms of the price point of this product, that’s another intriguing thing about it. It’s priced very competitively compared to some other 510 cartridges on the market, At just $30 plus taxes this cartridge is one of the most cost-effective options out there when it comes to vaping cannabis, and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know I love a good deal (okay maybe I’m just cheap..) 

Even on the first hits of this cartridge hooked to my 510 battery, I was surprised to note just how smooth the hits are, You can really notice just how clean and pure this extract is even on your first draw. It also didn’t have any sort of strange aftertaste, something I’ve noticed on a cartridge or two I’ve tried in the past. As for the effects, I think that this offering from Pura Vida is a great option for anyone who is looking to get into vaping cannabis or more experienced users who are just looking to try something that’s a little more unique. Either way, You won’t be disappointed with this one. The flavor is really solid, and the price point really can’t be beaten by many other products on the market. The PuraVida 510 Hybrid cartridge is one that you should  try out if you're looking to find that perfect balance between price and quality. 


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