Hemp Wraps Jungle Juice 2pk

Crop Kingz


All Crop Kingz wraps are 100% organic, pesticide-free, and non-GMO. The self-sealing glue strip is specially formulated to be easy to use, super sticky, and made of non-toxic Arabic gum. Just peel off the little protective sticker strip when you’re ready to close off the blunt. It’s as easy as filling, rolling, and sealing it up. There are two wraps and two filling tools in each pouch. The pouches can be resealed and the extra wrap saved for a later smoke session. The filling tube is a hard paper straw that helps to create the shape when you begin to roll up the wrap. This tool can also be cut and used as a filter for the blunt to improve airflow and catch any crumbs and debris. 1) Fill 2) Peel 3) Seal Features: 2 Wraps per foil Biodegradable Filling Tool which can be cut for Tips! Jungle Juice Flavor What's In The Box 1 Pack of 2pk Wraps