Medium Rolling Tray - Black Design

King Palm


This compact, small size rolling tray is great for at-home use or on the go. The super strong glass can be tossed in a backpack without fear of it shattering. The glass has an elegant shine that makes it look great on a coffee table while not in use. It can double as home décor! The design features a white background, large black King Palm logo centered at the top, in the sky of the photo. The view is from a beach looking out at the ocean, surrounded by palm trees, surfboards, and looking at a King Palm crown hovering above the water. Features BEACH | This tray features a summer beach scene on a solid white background. All the details are black, and they feature a beach, ocean, surfboards, palm trees, and a King Palm logo and crown centered at the top. SMALL | This is a small glass rolling tray. It measures 6” x 4” and is compact enough for on the go use. GLASS TRAY | This tray is made of shatter-resistant glass that is thick and durable. The tray can be knocked off a table, bumped, and even dropped without it breaking. QUALITY | You already know King Palm for producing high-quality, better-burning wraps. They keep that same standard of quality for all products! These glass trays are built to last, just give it a quick wipe down for a refresh. ENJOY KING PALM | Now you can enjoy a taste of King Palm from the very start of the smoke session until the flame goes out. There’s no better way to pack a King Palm than on a King Palm tray! What's In The Box 1 x King Palm Glass Roll Tray