Silicone Tray with Lid - Green Eggs

Herbal Chef


A perfect size baking tray for controlling portion and potency, the Herbal Chef Silicone Cooking Tray is fantastic for smaller nibbles, hard and soft candies, and even compound butters. In the oven, or in the fridge, the unique 2 Tbsp/ 1/8th cup size will expose modern chefs to more viable uses and creative possibilities than standard sized muffin trays. The included silicone lid, handily, turns your tray into a stackable, storable, and portable tool! Keep your baking tray covered for easy storage in the fridge or cupboard. Food or concentrates, the Herbal Chef Silicone Tray becomes the perfect storage solution. And in true multi-use fashion, the lid can be flipped over to be used as a traditional silicone mat; but, with the lid's lip providing added bonus protection from run off and messy counters. Herbal Chef - Cooking Cannabis Cuisine


Makes 16 cups

1/8 cup / 2 Tbsp cup capacity

FDA compliant food grade silicone

Heat resistant up to 445°F/229°C

Stick resistant

Dishwasher safe

100% BPA free