Papaya Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Roll


Extracts Inhaled

$12.10 $12.10/g

  • THC 250.00 - 350.00 mg/g
  • CBD 0.00 - 30.00 mg/g

Extracts Inhaled - 7ACRES Papaya Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Roll

Introducing 7ACRES Papaya Whole Flower Pre-Rolls infused with Bubble Hash. Papaya Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Rolls are made using a true-to-flower infusion of Papaya bubble hash to deliver a pre-roll with boosted potency and increased flavour for an elevated smoking experience. This infusion emboldens Papaya’s tropical flavour profile of exotic fruits and earthy spice.


THC:250.00 - 350.00 mg/g
CBD: 0.00 - 30.00 mg/g