Advanced Nano Rapid CBD BevDrops

Emprise Canada


$29.90 $0.99/g

  • THC 0.00 - 1.00 mg/ml
  • CBD 13.50 - 16.50 mg/ml

Extracts Ingested - Emprise Canada Advanced Nano Rapid CBD BevDrops

Emprise’s Adv. Nano CBD BevDrops deliver a 15 mg/g CBD-dominant product in water-soluble format. The product is formulated with Full Spectrum CBD Cannabis Extract that is Water-soluble for rapid onset within 8-12 minutes.
Each bottle contains 30 g of emulsion (450 mg CBD). A syringe with 0.3 ml capacity is also included. One syringe dose delivers 4.5 mg CBD. This is the most advanced formulation of Nano on the market, perfected over 5 years of R&D to dissolve instantly. The future of CBD consumption is here.


THC: 0.00 - 1.00 mg/ml

CBD:13.50 - 16.50 mg/ml