Okanagan Grown Cold Creek Kush Flower


  • THC 22.00 - 28.00%
  • CBD 0.00 - 1.00%

Dried Cannabis - Doja Okanagan Grown Cold Creek Kush Flower

Formerly known as Doja Elation, this high-THC Indica-dominant hybrid is from the lineage of the potent, award-winning MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91. Grown and handcrafted in the Okanagan Valley, its buds are dense, heart-shaped, and studded with orange pistils. A rich terpene profile of myrcene, beta-caryophyllene and linalool give it spicy flavours and woody, earthy notes.


THC: 22.00 - 28.00%

CBD: 0.00 - 1.00%