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Now Available In Saskatchewan. Cookies are not a new thing. Heck, cannabis cookies aren’t even a new thing. But Slow Ride Bakery has taken cannabis cookies and turned them into something even better than anyone could have dreamed.

People love supporting local, and that’s exactly what you’re doing when you buy from Slow Ride Bakery. Vik and Karen Dhawan started Slow Ride Bakery in 2019, but it started in their hearts long before that. Karen, head baker, CEO, and co-founder of Slow Ride, has been an avid (and amazing) baker for years, often testing her non-infused recipes on friends, family, and even Vik’s co-workers. Due to an injury that left her with chronic pain, Karen has also been a medical patient for over 15 years. She wanted to find new and innovative ways to ingest cannabis while following her life-long passion for baking.

“We’re Canada’s first mom and pop edibles company, delivering handmade cookies baked with love,” says Karen. “People need more homemade baking in their lives.”

Vik’s experience in the cannabis regulatory and private sectors, plus the legislation on micro-growers becoming more clear, gave the Dhawan’s the confidence to apply for their micro-processing license. Vik and Karen have done everything for Slow Ride themselves. From securing their licensing to fitting and finishing the facility with minimal help, they made sure this business was something to be proud of.

Slow Ride Bakery is Canada’s smallest cannabis processor, operating out of 800 licensed square feet in Ottawa, Ontario. Their focus is on execution and practicality, ensuring every cookie that leaves their facility is perfect down to the last crumb.

Every Slow Ride Bakery cookie is made using real ingredients, never preservatives, which is how they’re able to recreate the flavours you always think of when it comes to home baked goods. All the cookies are made by Karen in small batches, and infused with cannabis distillate from Motif Labs.

Indiva will be releasing three Slow Ride Bakery cookies across Ontario, each of which will make your mouth water and yearn for a glass of milk. They can also be frozen for up to three months to enjoy at a later date.

Big Chocolate Cookie: Chocoholics unite! This cookie features three different types of chocolate: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and Dutch cocoa powder. The Big Chocolate Cookie has a brownie-like texture sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Each package contains one cookie with 10 mg of THC.
Peanut Butter Cookie: The cookie you know and love, just with a cannabis twist. The Peanut Butter Cookie is a soft-baked buttery delight with the classic peanut butter cookie flavour. These cookies are delicate and light, but incredibly satisfying. Each package contains one cookie with 10 mg of THC.
Spicy Ginger Cookie: Not every cookie needs to be overly sweet. Sometimes a spicy ginger cookie is just what you need. With hints of ginger, cinnamon, and cloves the Spicy Ginger Cookie is a soft-baked gingerbread with deep molasses flavour. Each package contains one cookie with 10 mg of THC.

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