Now available in Alberta. At Gage, we hand-pick our licensed producers for the highest standard in small batch cultivation. Our top priority is to deliver consistently dank, premium quality cannabis to our customers, where we ensure all our unique cultivars are hang-dried and hand-trimmed. Our plants are grown from unique pheno-hunted genetics with a flavour and terpene profile for everyone. Gage flower is cultivated using a state-of-the-art hydroponic system for a clean product that is never irradiated. The buds are hand-trimmed and hang-dried to guarantee premium quality. The dank is in the details. That’s why Gage 1g pre-rolls are filled with full flower product, never trim or shake. With our easy on-the-go packaging, you can take our premium flower with you wherever you go. And when you light up, you’ll be happy to know that Gage pre-rolls are finished with a dutch fold, ensuring a more even burn. We extract our oil from full flower cannabis using an advanced CO2 extraction method. Each high-quality MCT blend comes with a built-in dropper for accurate dosages. Our first oil to hit the market is Fire OG – a single strain oil with a high THC potency and an Indica dominant presence.