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Concentrates include all cannabis extracts meant to be smoked or vaporized using a concentrate rig or concentrate vaporizer. Cannabis concentrates are produced by taking cannabis flower and processing it in a manner that concentrates the delicate trichomes on the flower that contain the cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytocannabinoids that produce the effects most commonly associated with cannabis. The concentrated trichomes are sometimes further processed using a variety of methods and materials into a final product that is then tested, packaged and labelled before being released for sale. 

Cannabis concentrates can be produced using any type of cannabis cultivar (strain) or a blend of multiple strains, and are often created using leftover “trim” and other cannabis material that is not sold as flower. Concentrates are often labeled as being indica, sativa, or hybrid, similar to cannabis flower products. Every product is different, so be sure to research the specific product you are purchasing to ensure that it is right for you, and always read and follow the instructions that come with it for the best experience.  

Concentrates tend to be significantly more potent than cannabis flower products, with many products containing upwards of 500 milligrams of THC per package. Effects may be more intense and last longer as a result, so remember to start low and go slow.

Concentrate Types 

Cannabis concentrates comes in a variety of formats and there are four specific types of concentrates for sale in Alberta, with new products being introduced regularly. Be sure to check back for the latest selection. Cannabis concentrate products currently available include:

  1. Kief

Kief is the simplest and most common cannabis concentrate and consists of cannabis trichomes that have fallen off of cannabis flower through agitation or other methods. The most common form of kief is found in the bottom of 4 piece grinders that collects as the cannabis is ground, and can be collected and consumed on its own. Kief is most commonly used to increase the potency of cannabis flower smoked in joints or bowls by simply adding some kief to the flower. Kief can also be vaporized either on it’s own, or combined with flower. One of the most popular kief products is Cannafarms B.C. Bubble Hash. 

  1. Hash 

Hash is a more potent form of kief, that is heated and compressed to the point where the trichomes burst and release the cannabinoids and terpenes contained within them, resulting in a solid, dark cannabis concentrate meant to be consumed on it’s own. Hash sometimes comes in a non-compressed format, and looks like kief, only with a stronger potency, due to less plant material being present. One of the most popular hash products is Original Stash Hash. Hash can be created using a variety of methods with one of the most popular methods using bubble bags, like the BoldtBags 5 Gallon 8 Bag Kit to create ice hash. 

  1. Rosin

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate product which is made by using a special rosin press, such as the  My Rosin Press (Gen. 2) by Mypress that simultaneously applies heat and pressure to cannabis flower, kief or hash and resin. Rosin contains concentrated amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes that can be consumed using a concentrate rig or concentrate vaporizer, and represents a truly solventless full spectrum cannabis extract, which can be made at home.

  1. Live Resin

Live resin refers to cannabis concentrate products created using the trichomes of cannabis flowers that have not been dried or cured, and therefore is referred to as “live”. Live resin comes in a variety of formats with both “diamonds” or “caviar” and “badder” being the most popular types. Live resin products normally contain elevated levels of terpenes as the cannabis flower used to produce them is freshly harvested. Live resin is one of the most sought after types of cannabis products, with one of the most popular live resin products being Premium 5 Live Resin Badder.  

Featured Concentrate Products

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