Now available in Alberta. A COLLECTION OF CAREFULLY CRAFTED CANNABIS BEVERAGES FOR SHARED ADVENTURES. JOURNEY INTO THE UNCHARTED. Non-alcoholic, carefully crafted, Helles-inspired beverage. Bedfellows Haus Mates. A balance of malt sweetness with floral, noble hop character that delivers a clean finish. As the first collaborative brand in the Truss portfolio, Bedfellows Liquid Arts was born through a partnership with Two Roots Beverage Co. The Bedfellows launch brings consumers of legal age, carefully crafted cannabis beverages and takes a uniquely collaborative approach to drive innovation, by finding the best products across North America to bring to Canadians. The two new Bedfellows products offer new flavours and unique liquid styles to the cannabis-infused beverage (CIB) category.

“When creating the Bedfellows brand, we were inspired by the notion of two unlikely partners coming together to bring something entirely new and unexpected to the CIB-category,” said Lori Hatcher, Head of Marketing at Truss Beverage Co. “As experts in creating the best crafted cannabis beverages, we’re thrilled to partner with Two Roots to launch our first collaborative cannabis brand, which we know consumers have appetite for.”

The latest innovation from Truss, Bedfellows is a direct result of community listening, as consumers of legal age continue to look for non-alcoholic options with fuller flavours and higher potencies for their social occasions. This input has led to the collaborative development of two unique cannabis beverages, Bedfellows Indie Pals™ and Bedfellows Haus Mates™, both of which were made for avid cannabis users.