Top Cannabis Movies

Top Cannabis Movies

The Joint CannabisAug 8, '22

The lights are low. You’ve got a bag of popcorn beside you, and the unmistakable smell of cannabis lingers in the air. You’re all settled in to watch a movie. 

Watching movies when you’re baked can be an engaging, immersive experience. But here’s the question: Which movie should you watch? We’ve put together our top picks for movies to watch when you’re high:

Choosing the Perfect Movie

The right cannabis movie for you will depend on your favourite genre. 

Love to laugh? Comedies are even funnier when you’re stoned. 

Seeking a good mystery? Dramas will have you on the edge of your seat. 

Are you a fan of horror films? Watching scary movies can be downright terrifying—and a ton of fun. 

If you watch a new movie when you’re stoned, you might have some trouble remembering it the next day. We recommend watching a movie you already love but haven't seen in a while. You’ll see it in a whole new way (and possibly have an easier time following the plot).

Stick to the types of movies you already enjoy; you may like them even more! There’s something so sweet about mixing nostalgia with a good buzz. 

Our Top Picks

You’ve waited long enough; it’s time to reveal our top cannabis movies. We’ve broken this list down by genre, so you can go right to the section that interests you most.

Mind-Blowing Movies

Looking for a potent punch of “Woah, dude…”? The kind of movie that keeps your brain spinning long after the credits roll? Check out the following:

  • Nature documentaries. Nature is even more amazing when you’re buzzed. Check out Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (Carl Sagan) and Our Planet (on Netflix).
  • Inception. The visuals alone are enough to boggle your mind. The plot is something else.
  • Memento. Another Nolan film, Memento is the kind of movie you need to watch at least twice before you “get it”. 


Enjoy these captivating films with art styles that will leave you amazed:

  • Anything Studio Ghibli. A few of our favourites are Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and The Cat Returns. 
  • It’s Such a Beautiful Day. While not as relaxing as our other suggestions, this animated film by Don Hertzfeldt is incredibly thought-provoking.
  • Fantastic Planet. This animated sci-fi film from 1973 follows the lives of humans on an alien planet, enslaved by giants called the Draags. 


These movies will have you roaring with laughter; they’re even better if you watch them with a friend. 

    • Being John Malkovich. With a premise that’s downright bizarre, this film is just as odd as it is comedic.
    • Hot Rod. Filmed in British Columbia, this hilarious movie features familiar faces from the cast of SNL, including Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, and Jorma Taccone.
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail. If you’re a fan of silly films, you’ll love this classic comedy from 1975. 

  • Horror

    In for a scare? We commend you for your bravery. Check out these ultimate stoner horror movies:

    • Zombieland. This horror movie is equal parts gory and funny, so you can enjoy a laugh between screams of terror. 
    • The Thing (1982). You’ll be transfixed watching this film, which features incredible practical effects and constant paranoia. 
    • The Shining. This Stanley Kubrik classic features plenty of iconic scenes, from the elevator full of blood to the terrifying Grady twins.
    • Candyman (2021). Written by Jordan Peele, this deeply unsettling film features riveting social commentary. 

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