Stuck At Home? 5  Best Activities To Pair With Cannabis

Stuck At Home? 5 Best Activities To Pair With Cannabis

The Joint CannabisOct 27, '20

It looks as if social distancing and self-isolation will be a part of our routine for the foreseeable future as the COVID 19 pandemic rages on...

Months of being stuck at home during the pandemic may have you feeling down, but it isn’t all bad. More time stuck at home means more time to get reacquainted with an old bud. 

Join us for today’s blog, where The Joint (Winnipeg Cannabis Store) will be taking a look at 5 of the best activities to pair with Cannabis while stuck at home (In our opinion of course). 

#1.) Movie Marathon

While we’d recommend a couch-locking indica such as Tokyo Smoke Pause, to guide you through your film journey, any type of bud will get you set for this. Load up an old classic on your streaming service of choice, Or watch as a B-Movie becomes modern art. If you’re older than 19, you probably still own some DVDs (VHS will work too for you oldheads...) So you shouldn’t have a problem finding something to watch that will keep you entertained for hours. Just make sure you don’t forget to make the popcorn... 

Recommended Films: 

Pineapple Express

Dazed And Confused 

Super Troopers 

South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

Harold And Kumar Trilogy 

#2.) Take A Nap 

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but essential to this list. Taking a nap after enjoying some cannabis is an all-time favorite among stoners around the world. So do yourself a favor and break out your childhood blankie, some comfy clothes, and you’re just about ready to drift away. Find a nice and quiet spot that matches whatever your comfort preferences are, and curl up. Pair all that with an Aurora Drift Indica 510 cartridge, and you’re ready to take a long trip to dreamland.   

#3.) Listen To Music

Listening to music while enjoying cannabis is a personal favorite of ours. Crank up the volume and your favorite albums may sound even better when they’re paired with cannabis. Find a comfy place to vibe out and let the music take you away. If you’re listening with headphones, make sure to listen to something with a lot of bass. Consider the recommendations below to get your musical journey started. 

Recommended Albums: 

Black Sabbath: Master Of Reality 

Queens Of The Stone Age: Rated R

The Very Best Of Grateful Dead 

Smokers Delight: Nightmares On Wax

Beastie Boys: Ill Communication 

#4.) Play a Video Game

A time-waster for generations...  

Bust out the controllers, and lock into a virtual world. For some of us, video games are an essential part of the cannabis experience. Arguably, there’s nothing better than booting up one of your favorite video games and wasting a few hours trying to get that high score. Just make sure you have nothing else you need to get done of course... 

 Recommended Games: 

Super Mario Bros.

Mario Kart 

Grand Theft Auto V


#5.) Call A Friend 

There really is nothing fun about social isolation,  At all… But luckily you’re not alone. In this day and age, we're so closely connected, that our friends are just an easy phone call away. Having a conversation with your best bud, while paired with some of your favorite buds of choice, can be a really good way to kill the self-isolation blues. Just make sure you have some free time on your hands, because intense mind-bending discussions may occur. 


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