How To Store & Preserve Cannabis Products For Optimal Freshness

How To Store & Preserve Cannabis Products For Optimal Freshness

The Joint CannabisMay 24, '23

We love cannabis in all its forms. We’ve touched fresh buds, dried them, then held them dry. We’ve tasted all kinds of edibles, enjoyed tinctures and sprays, and even indulged in the occasional CBD bath bomb.

In all of our time using cannabis, we’ve learned that preserving freshness is as important (if not more important) than choosing your favourite strain or your preferred method of consumption.

Below, we’ll pass our knowledge to you so that you, too, may enjoy the perks of well-preserved cannabis for weeks (or even months) after purchase. 

How You Store Your Cannabis Is Important

Broadly, we can group cannabis products into two categories: Flower and other. In this article, we’re going to focus on how to store flower—that includes pre-rolls and dried flower. (We’ll touch on edibles a bit, too).

There are basically two reasons why you want to store your cannabis carefully:

  • Quality
  • Safety

    The quality of your flower degrades when it’s in suboptimal conditions. Heat and UV light can turn THC to CBN, which provides a different (and, most consumers agree, less pleasant) psychoactive experience. 

    Heat and UV light will also degrade the quality of the terpenes; excessive cold can hamper terpenes, too. Trichomes become brittle in the cold, and excessive heat or cold can both cause your buds to dry out, leaving smaller, dryer buds that may be less pleasant to smoke.

    Moisture is another important factor. Too much moisture can lead to mould growing on your flower. Too little moisture will result in dry buds.

    Here’s a point we won’t touch on too much in the article: Safety is important. Keep your cannabis out of reach of children—hide it away in a safe space they can’t access.

    Finally, edibles are food—and food, as you know, goes bad. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on storage—the way you’ll store a chocolate bar differs from how you should store a beverage.

    How To Store Flower

    Here are the things you should look for when storing flower:

    • Keep your buds out of direct sunlight
    • Keep moisture at 55%-65%
    • Keep the temperature at 19°C-21°C

      This means you should keep your cannabis in a cool, dry place, sealed from the environment.

      Mason jars do an excellent job—if you keep your home at room temperature and you place your mason jar of cannabis on a shelf, away from the sun’s rays, it should stay in prime condition for months. We recommend packing the jar fairly tightly so there isn’t too much air between the buds.

      We recommend using moisture regulators for cannabis, like those offered by Boveda. We have a number of different Boveda packs in our shop, as well as other excellent moisture regulators, including humidity-controlled storage devices

      Where You Shouldn’t Store Your Cannabis

      A cool, dry place away from the sun? Sounds like a freezer!

      That’s a common mistake. First, freezers aren’t cool—they’re cold, and that will destroy the flavour of your cannabis.

      Second, freezers aren’t actually all that dry—you’ve seen all the ice in there. Flower kept in freezers often becomes too moist, and mould starts to grow on it. Leave the freezer for the TV Dinners—keep the flower on the shelf.

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