Don’t Miss Our Awesome 4/20 Sale!

Don’t Miss Our Awesome 4/20 Sale!

The Joint CannabisApr 12, '22

What’s your favourite holiday? For some people, there’s nothing better than the festivities during December. Others wait all year to dress up and watch scary movies on Halloween. But at The Joint, we have to go with the day that lands in April: 4/20.

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To kick things off, we’ve whipped up a blog post that covers the details of our 4/20 sale and the origins of this famous day. Let’s dive into it!

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The History of 4/20

What makes April 20th such an iconic day in cannabis culture? The answer might surprise you–there’s no clear consensus on why this day was chosen.

However, there are a few popular theories that most people agree on. The most accepted one comes from a group of high schoolers in California. A few students (who called themselves the Waldos, since they liked to hang around near a wall outside of school) used to meet up at 4:20 to consume cannabis. They picked this time because it was after most extracurricular activities had finished.

But that’s just one theory. Another one relates to prolific authors H.P. Lovecraft and Kenneth Sterling. In 1939, they wrote a story about a character who consumed a peculiar plant that resulted in a high. The character looked at his watch right after and–wouldn’t you know it–the time was 4:20 PM.

Since cannabis was legalized, this holiday has changed in many ways. It used to be a day to advocate for cannabis decriminalization and legalization (and it still is in most American states). But in Canada, where cannabis has been legal since 2018, it’s a day to celebrate cannabis in general.

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