5 Ways to Celebrate 710

5 Ways to Celebrate 710

Nitin ThakurMay 6, '24

The meaning of 710 remains elusive even to many marijuana advocates. This stoner holiday is all about the essence of cannabis, aka concentrates. While it remains somewhat underground, as cannabis consumption becomes more and more mainstream, 420’s sister celebration has started making waves.

Whether you’re green when it comes to 710 or a cannabis store regular who can wax poetic on the difference between diamonds and shatter, we’ve cooked up a list of ways to celebrate 710. Get your rig ready — it’s time to dab!

But first, let’s explore the reason for the season.

What Does 710 Mean?

It may seem cryptic or confusing at first, but the meaning of 710 is pretty simple. Just like a powerful dab can change your perspective, the holiday’s origin comes from looking at things differently. If you rotate the numbers 710 until they’re upside down, they transform into the word “OIL” — a catchall term for cannabis extracts.

Figuring out who first had the idea to celebrate 710 remains cloudy. We know that rap groups and online forums started using the term around 2011, and the LA Weekly published an article about it in 2013. The ensuing decade has brought more awareness and celebrations of the holiday.

While its history is up for debate, do you really need any better reason to hit up a dispensary for your favourite concentrate? 

Now that you have some background information, let’s party with our list of ways to celebrate 710!

1. Dab All Day

Hand holding small glass full of cannabis extract

710 without cannabis is just another July 10th. If you’re looking for 710’s true meaning, look no further than your dab rig. So clear your calendar and let your day go up in smoke!

Treat yourself by expanding your horizons. There are so many types of cannabis extracts to choose from. Resin, crumble, shatter, wax, badder — 710 is the best day to try a new type of oil. They’re all buzz-worthy reasons to celebrate 710.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, get multiple types of oil and create a tasting flight! People do it all the time with food and drinks, so why not apply it to your dabs? The high you’ll get from a cannabis concentrate flight will take your dab session to new heights, meaning you’re doing 710 right!

2. Enjoy Infusions

Cannabis holidays should be inclusive. If you prefer flower, or if you’re new to smoking and don’t have a dab rig, don’t worry about it. You can still celebrate 710 by combining extracts with your preferred method of ingesting THC. Just think of the extract as the icing on your cannabis cake!

There are many varieties of infused pre-rolls to choose from, giving you an opportunity to pair your favourite strains with powerful kief or hash infusions. If you prefer smoking from bongs or pipes, pick up some crumble to sprinkle on top of your bowl. It’s easy to handle and super potent — like the cannabis cherry on top of your 710, if you catch my meaning!

3. Explore Nature

Man dabbing shatter to celebrate 710

After you’ve loaded up on goodies from our weed dispensary in Winnipeg, treat yourself to some fresh air in the great outdoors. July is the perfect time to explore Manitoba’s natural beauty. You might find some special meaning in 710 when you spend it communing with nature!

Discover amazing trails like the Seine River Greenway in Bois-des-Esprits Window Park. This 3.7 km loop trail is bursting with wildlife. You’ll run into deer, geese, frogs, turtles, and birds. After a couple of dabs to celebrate 710, the great grey owl tree carvings hidden within the park are sure to spark your imagination!

Or let your inner child run wild through the trails of Kildonan Park. Discover duck ponds, an Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool, multiple playgrounds, and a photo-worthy Hansel and Gretel-inspired “Witch Hut.”

4. Satisfy Your Munchies

The smell of cannabis concentrates won’t be the only thing in the air on 710. When you leave our Saskatoon dispensary, the smell of the city’s delicious restaurants will entice you. This special day might be a celebration of cannabis oil, but the munchies give the 710 a secondary meaning: food!

Whether you want greasy spoon dinner fare or Cajun cuisine, there’s something for every hunger in Saskatoon. Swing by Bon Temps Cafe for their warm atmosphere and buttermilk fried chicken, or check out Hometown Diner for a plate of salmon eggs benedict. 

If you’re really in the mood to indulge, Leopold’s Tavern specializes in one of the best stoner foods of all time: poutine! Their Punchbowl Poutine is enough to satisfy the craziest cravings. It’s a literal punch bowl stuffed with five pounds of potatoes, a pound of cheese curds, and a litre of gravy — what’s not to love?

5. Get Your Game On

Even if you’re meaning to spend 710 exploring the city before the couch lock sets in, you can still celebrate by gaming. Cannabis and video games go together like Mario and Luigi! Grab your extracts from our Regina dispensary and then stop at one of the coolest spots in the city, Twilight Tech.

Twilight Tech is an electronics repair company that specializes in bringing vintage arcade games from the ’70s to the 2010s back to life. But they don’t just repair the games — they make their machines available for playing, too. For $10 an hour, you can play any of their retro games without worrying about quarters! 

You can take a trip back in time with Space Invaders. Or play an old-school button masher like Gauntlet of Legends. And don’t worry, they’ve got plenty of snacks!

Make Sure Your 710 Has Meaning

Whatever you do, if you celebrate with your best buds and quality extract, yours will be one for the books. The best part of any cannabis holiday is that there aren’t any rules! That’s the whole point. For years, the cannabis community had to operate in the shadows. Today, we’re able to talk about our amazing experiences with THC freely! Just remember to consume responsibly.

At The Joint, we’re proud to stock everything you need to celebrate 420, 710, and every smoke session in between. Stop by any of our Manitoba or Saskatchewan locations, and we guarantee you’ll find the lowest prices and best products!