Delivery From The Joint

Delivery From The Joint

Digital MarketingMar 11, '21

Where would we be without delivery services?

When you’re hungry, you can order a pizza. When you’re out of paper products, you can have them shipped to your doorstep. And when you use The Joint’s website, you can have cannabis and accessories delivered to you on the same day.

We’re going to give you a bit more information about our delivery services and how they can make your life easier: 

Benefits of Delivery

Our delivery service makes ordering cannabis products and accessories completely painless. Here’s how:

It’s convenient

Imagine if you could buy the product that you were looking for without needing to get dressed, leave your home, and interact with others. That’s the beauty of delivery services.

We offer cannabis delivery so that it’s as easy as possible for our customers to receive our products. You can save the time that you would have spent driving and shopping, by simply ordering online. 

You’ll stay out of the cold

Canadians know all too well how chilly our winters get. Even when your bong breaks or your vape is low on juice, you may be reluctant to brave the cold and venture to the store.

With our delivery services, you can remain in your heated home and forget about a teeth-chattering trip to the dispensary.

Delivery is accessible & discreet

If you don’t have a vehicle, it can be difficult to get around. Taking public transport isn’t convenient if you don’t live near bus routes, and it’s hard to bike when the ground is covered in snow! 

Not everyone feels comfortable shopping for cannabis at a store—for some, it’s a personal choice that they’d rather keep to themselves. They may feel embarrassed when visiting a store, especially if they run into someone they know. Delivery services allow an individual to order their products of choice without needing to go out in public. 

It’s safe

During a pandemic, many of us are doing our part to reduce contact with the outside world. We’re staying home and limiting our social circles. Rather than travel to a store and interact with others, you can purchase what you’re looking for in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Contactless delivery is not only convenient, but it prevents you from having to visit a store and potentially expose yourself to the virus. 

You might find it easier than shopping in-store

Has this ever happened to you?

You arrive with a shopping list in hand, but once your eyes gaze over the shelves, you suddenly feel lost. You thought you knew what you needed when you left the house, but is there something that you’re forgetting?

Online shopping can eliminate that overwhelming feeling. You’ll have all the time you require to view different products and read a detailed description of each. If you need to do additional research to make a purchase, you’ll have access to relevant online resources.

It’s fast

You’ve got a friend coming over, but you just realized that you’re out of bud. Oops! You don’t have time to run to the store, so what can you do?

Fire up your Internet browser and load up our website. Add the desired items to your cart, fill out your information, and you’re good to go! For all orders placed before 1 PM CST on weekdays, we offer same-day shipping.

What We Offer

At The Joint, we sell dry flower, oils, extracts, and edibles.

We offer a wide range of accessories, including: 

  • Vapes
  • Grinders
  • Rolling papers
  • Storage containers
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Whatever you need, we’ve got it in stock. Visit our website to see our full range of strains, products, and more.

    If you’re looking for a cannabis store in Winnipeg or a Saskatchewan cannabis store you’re in the right place. At The Joint, we offer same-day delivery in Winnipeg. Our mail order cannabis and accessories are available across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We deliver accessories Canada-wide.