Peak Portable Concentrate Vaporizer Kit Indiglow


his Limited Edition Indiglow design features a purple and blue gradient on the base leading up to the textured cut of the percolator. This kit includes a matching carb cap and special limited edition access to the Bluetooth app just for Indiglow customers. The Peak Pro chamber is the engine for the entire device. A unique sensor embedded inside of the chamber communicates with your Peak Pro, keeping your temperature exactly where it needs to be - regardless of how hard you inhale or how much oil you put in. The new Oculus Carb Cap provides a window into your dab experience, making the magic of melting concentrates clearly visible. The press-fit connection locks into the chamber, keeping your carb cap and your oil where they belong. Puffco also incorporated a directional air-path into the design that maximizes vapour production. Puffco completely redesigned the new sealed chamber to improve reliability, and increase performance. The chamber is 40% larger to accommodate more oil. This allows you to take bigger dabs with ease. The App unlocks a new world of capabilities within your Peak Pro, providing an unparalleled level of control. The Peak Pro app also allows you to customize the LED lights on your device with 4 unique light patterns: Pulse, Wave, Disco, and Stealth. Indiglow Peak Pro Features: Compatible with Concentrates 1700mAh battery Real-time temp control Wireless charging Oculus carb cap w/ window 40% larger chamber capacity Custom heat profiles, temp, colour, and time 30 second heat up time Charges in just 2 hours Average 30 sessions per charge Includes carrying case Limited Edition Indiglow bluetooth app connectivity Limited Edition Indiglow design What's in the Box: 1x - Indiglow Peak Pro Base 1x - Indiglow Glass 1x - Jacket & Tether 1x - Oculus Carb Cap 1x - Chamber 1x - Carrying Case 1x - Loading Tool 5x - Dual Tools 1x - AC Adapter 1x - USB-C Cable