Strawberry Slurricane THC 510 Vape Cartridge


  • THC 800.00 - 833.00 mg/ml
  • CBD 0.00 - 10.00 mg/ml

Extracts Inhaled - Spinach Strawberry Slurricane THC 510 Vape Cartridge

A hurricane level of flavour is coming. The Spinach Strawberry Slurricane 1.2g Vape is inspired by strain Slurricane, with a lineage of Purple Punch and Do-si-do, this vape’s flavour experience takes you on a whirlwind ride in the sky of fruity tastes. With 1.2g of the finest cannabis extract, we’re bringing the storm with THC levels of nearly 1000mg per cart. With our optimized vape tech, you’ll get bigger hits, bigger flavour, and the best vape sessions. ​


THC: 800.00 - 833.00 mg/ml

CBD: 0.00 - 10.00 mg/ml