Extracts Inhaled AB Good Buds White Glookies Live Resin Hash Format:

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Extracts Inhaled - Good Buds White Glookies Live Resin Hash

White Glookies blends three classic strains into a pungent, 5-star Live Resin hash. With earthy, citrus and peppery aromas, White Glookies brings a new potent and terpy twist to some original classics. Cross of our organically grown Girl Scout Cookies x White Widow x Glue strains. Our live resin hash is extracted from fresh frozen flowers for more terps and flavour. Grown organically, and extracted in-house on Salt Spring Island without the use of chemical solvents.

THC: 650.00 - 700.00 mg/g
CBD: 0.00 - 5
0.00 mg/g