Tropic Thunder 1-4 THC-CBD Gummies


Edibles Solids

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  • THC 10.00 mg
  • CBD 40.00 mg

Edibles Solids - Shred'Ems Tropic Thunder 1-4 THC-CBD Gummies

We’ve taken Tropic Thunder, one of SHRED’s most popular signature blends, and crammed all those groovy island flavour vibes into a mouthwatering gummy. These vegan-friendly sativa gummies are bursting with citrus and tropical flavours. Each pack of Tropic Thunder SHRED’ems contains 4 gummies, each infused with 2.5 mg of THC, and 10 mg of CBD and naturally flavoured.


THC: 10.00 mg

CBD: 40.00 mg