Mixer Pack Pre-Roll


Dried Cannabis - Palmetto Mixer Pack Pre-Roll

MIXER PACK If variety is the spice of life, then this pack is a dang ghost pepper dipped in lemon sauce. Featuring a trio of bold, bright, citrusy sativas, each Palmetto Mixer Pack holds three 0.5 G pre-rolls with over 20% THC. First is the super juicy, ultra fruity Tropicanna Gold. Then there’s the citrus-diesel sensation Lemon Royale. And finally, we have Citrique, a sublime lemon oasis exclusive to this pack. This is the universe telling you to mix things up and grab life by the buds. TROPICANNA GOLD FLAVOUR PROFILE: Tropical Fruit, Earth, Pine LINEAGE: Tropicana Candy X Cotton Candy/ Silver Haze X Tropicana Punch BX1 LEMON ROYALE FLAVOUR PROFILE: Citrus, Berry, Fuel LINEAGE: Lemon Tree X Triangle Kush Skunk CITRIQUE FLAVOUR PROFILE: Berry, Sweet, Diesel LINEAGE: Sour Hybrid X Cherry Pie X GSC


THC: 20.00 - 26.00%

CBD: 0.00 - 1.00%