Metal Daypipe Hash and Flower Pipe Replacement Screen

Hamilton Devices




Hamilton Devices Daypipe is a revolutionary dry herb device. The Daypipe has an ingenious design that enables you to chamber and deploy 8 – 0.2g bowls ( 1.6 grams total! ), all while being durable and reliable. Simply load up the ultra-portable Daypipe and enjoy fresh bowls all day long without any ashy messes in between sessions.

Anodized Stainless Steel Housing
Light And Inhale
Custom color and branding available
Capacity: 8 – 0.2g bowls
Size: 129.9mm(L)*23.2mm(W)*23.2mm(H)
Colors: Graphite, Red

MAINTENANCE TIPS: General cleaning maintenance will keep the device at its optimal performance

RECOMMENDED CLEANING: Depending on usage, clean as needed by soaking / submerging in rubbing alcohol for a couple of minutes, then use the included brush to scrub out any residual resin build up.