SYNC 25 Natural CBD Oil


  • THC 0.00 - 3.00 mg/ml
  • CBD 23.00 - 29.00 mg/ml

Extracts Ingested - Emerald SYNC 25 Natural CBD Oil

Our newly formulated SYNC 25 CBD oil uses quality whole flower extracted cannabis grown in British Columbia and 100% organic coconut-derived carrier oil. We chose to use this carrier oil because it is ethically harvested, sustainable and nutritious. The new mess-free dispenser accurately measures out each dose so that you can consume with confidence. SYNC 25 CBD is a consumer favourite because of its established quality and reliable experience. Enjoy the wholesome benefits of CBD and get your mind and body into SYNC to promote balance and harmony.

Natural: a smooth and earthy natural flavour of cannabi from whole flower cannabis extract and organic coconut oil.


THC: 0.00 - 3.00 mg/ml

CBD: 23.00 - 29.00 mg/ml