Slim Banana Berry Ice 7500 Puff Disposable Vape



Introducing the SLIM 7500 DISPOSABLE - BANANA BERRY ICE, a rechargeable disposable vape device designed to provide a consistent and long lasting flavour experience. The SLIM 7500 DISPOSABLE is specifically engineered to prioritize flavour delivery, using dual vertical mesh coil technology to ensure a superior vaping experience. This advanced coil system optimizes the heating process, resulting in enhanced flavour production. Stay informed during your vaping sessions with the SLIM 7500 Disposable's battery and e-liquid indicator lights. The battery indicator shows the remaining power while the e-liquid indicator lets you gauge your consumption rate. Its rechargeable feature allows for convenience and longer use. The SLIM 7500 offers a lineup of flavours that are as colourful as the devices themselves. For flavour connoisseurs and vaping enthusiasts seeking a reliable and flavourful experience, the SLIM 7500 DISPOSABLE is the ideal choice. Embrace the perfect balance of flavour and convenience with this exceptional disposable vape device. Flavour Notes: Banana Berry Ice Specifications: Up to 7500 puffs Battery and E-liquid Indicators Rechargeable Matte finish Available in 10 flavours 14 mL of e-Liquid 20 mg/mL 500 mAh Internal Battery What's In The Box 1 Vape Device