Frostbite Pre-Roll

Highland Grow

  • THC 25.00 - 35.00%
  • CBD 0.00 - 1.00%

Dried Cannabis - Highland Grow Frostbite Pre-Roll

These iced out buds are the closest most of us want to come to winter, shimmering with trichomes like a blanket of frost. Frost Bite is a sativa dominant cross of the classic Jack Frost and the mystical Snake Bite, that boasts screaming high THC levels and a high to match. Expect buds with beautifully stacked calyxes in a myriad of deep greens and purples, interspersed with snaking golden hairs. The terp profile carries the old school spicey haze notes from the Jack Frost along with dank citrus, almost pineapple-esque, notes from the Snake Bite.


THC: 25.00 - 35.00%

CBD: 0.00 - 1.00%