Red Eye Tek 11" Honeycomb Tube

Red Eye Tek

Red Eye Tek - 11" Honeycomb Tube

Hmm…..something’s different about these Red Eye Tek ‘Honeycomb’ tubes. What could it be? Maybe it’s the newly redesigned 24K triangular logo. Or possibly the technical shaping of the flat mouthpiece. Wait, we see it! It’s the all new Hexagonal Canteen base! This new eye catching shape is available in two sizes and six colours and comes with the signature diamond handle pull-out.

Product features:

11" tall

100% borosilicate glass

with hexagonal base

What's included:

1 x 14" Honeycomb Tube

1 x 120mm 19mm Flush Mount Diffuser downstem

1 x 14mm pull-out