How To Shop The Joint Site (Saskatchewan Edition)

How To Shop The Joint Site (Saskatchewan Edition)

Digital MarketingFeb 17, '21

Life is simpler in Saskatchewan. Why not kick back and relax with some of the cannabis products we sell at The Joint?

On our website, we offer a range of products for our customers in Saskatchewan—so many, in fact, that it can be hard to keep track of them all. But shopping for cannabis shouldn’t be stressful, which is why we put together this guide.

Who said that buying weed has to be hazy? In this post, we’ll give you a clearer idea of all the products that we sell:

Different Kinds of Cannabis


Apply this product directly to your skin and it will soon be absorbed. Take note: this isn’t the type of cannabis that produces a psychoactive effect. We offer lotions, creams, and other forms of topicals. 


We currently sell badder, hash, live resin, and keif. Extracts can be smoked or vaporized—the choice is yours. 

Cannabis oils

Who knew that consuming cannabis could be so convenient? Check out our range of oils which include gelcaps, liquids, and sprays. They make ingesting cannabis quick and discrete.

Dried flower

On our website, it’s easy to find the strain that you’re looking for. You can filter results by cannabis type (indica, sativa, or hybrid), THC or CBD concentration, and even price range. We’re always updating our stock, so check back often to find new strains!

If you don’t have a grinder, no problem; we sell cannabis in milled or pre-ground format, too. 

Can’t make it in? We offer mail delivery cannabis in Saskatchewan—your flower will be delivered straight to your door. 


Purchasing cannabis is one thing. But it’s another to decide how you’ll consume it. At The Joint, we have a range of devices that can help you do that:

Bongs & pipes

If you’re looking for something sturdy and practical, we have just the thing for you: a strong, silicone bong. But if you’re more interested in a decorative or colourful piece, we’ve got glass pipes and bubblers, too! Look for a green and white coloured piece that represents your favourite CFL team. Given our diverse range of products, you’ll be sure to find one that calls your name. 

Pre-rolled joints

It’s tough to farm the rolling prairies in Saskatchewan, but some might say it’s even tougher to roll the perfect joint.

Okay, maybe not. But it’s still pretty difficult. You need a rolling tray, a grinder, papers, and a filter—not to mention a flawless technique. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Smoke a perfect joint whenever you purchase a package of our pre-rolls. 


Is smoking not your thing? No biggie. We offer a range of vaping devices, from pens to box mods. You can select a device that vaporizes dried cannabis or concentrates. The beauty of vapes is that they heat the cannabis to the point where the active compounds can be inhaled, but before they combust. This helps reduce symptoms of chronic smoking like wheezing or coughing. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can purchase one of our disposable vape pens.


We sell all things cannabis at our shops in Saskatchewan, including:

Cleaning supplies

It’s good practice to clean your pieces every once in a while. We offer just the right supplies to make it as easy as possible, like brushes and liquid cleaning agents.

Odour control

Keep things discrete with our selection of candles, sprays, and airtight jars. Next time you light one up, light one of our odour control candles, too; the pleasant scent will mask the smoke.


Need a new grinder? What about a lighter or an ashtray? We’ve got it all. Hemp wicks, torches, and storage containers—we carry a comprehensive line of products to cover your every need.

At The Joint Cannabis, we carry well-known brands like Spinach, Cheech Glass, and Santa Cruz Shredder. Check out our website to see all the products we offer in Saskatchewan.