Case Of The Munchies: The Joint’s Favorite Edible SKU’s For November

Case Of The Munchies: The Joint’s Favorite Edible SKU’s For November

The Joint CannabisNov 3, '20

Case Of The Munchies: The Joint’s Favorite Edible SKU’s For November

We get it, Sometimes loading up your favorite piece with some bud is just too much work. You’re looking for something more instant and simple, something edible… 

Well, if your favorite baker isn’t around to cook up a batch of cosmic brownies, you’ll need to explore some other options, And luckily for you, We’ve got a bunch in stock. 

Today on The Joint blog, join us as we take a look at our Top 5 favorite edible cannabis SKUs for the month of November. 

#5 Tweed Houndstooth + Mocha Chocolate SKU:twdes002-0320 

Up first on our list is a bar of cannabis-infused chocolate from Tweed. Using one of their premium Sativa strains, and natural ingredients, You’ll get a solid tasting 10mg of THC per bar. One cool thing to note about this product is that it’s actually made in a former chocolate factory in Smith Falls Ontario. With a history like that, you know that you’ll be getting premium-quality chocolatey goodness that gets you high... Can you really ask for anything more?

#4 San Rafael '71 Gummies THC Blaspberry SKU:628582001484

While we understand that the age-old argument of “Which gummy flavor is best?” may still apply here, you really should put your flavor preference on hold and try this product.  For fellow blue raspberry fans, The “Blaspberry” flavored gummies from San Rafael are bound to impress. A great option for stoners alike, These gummies pack 2.5mg of THC per piece. It's edible gummy goodness, made with an Indica dominant concentrate. These things pair perfectly with all the activities featured in our previous blog, and they taste great too. 

#3 Veryvell Sicilian Lemon Sparkling Water CBD Beverage SKU: 697238200014

So maybe you’re not looking for something high in THC content, but you’re looking for all the fun without the intense high that THC can pack. Look no further, because this is the perfect product for you. Featuring 15mg of CBD and 0.5mg of THC, The Veryvell Sicilian Lemon Sparkling Water Beverage will be sure to refresh and relax. This product is made with sparkling water and a subtle twist of Sicilian lemon. it’s ready to unpop and enjoy, all you need to do is make sure it's chilled. This is a really good option for new users, Who might not have as much experience with products like this. But don’t let that deter you, It also pairs well with a nug of your favorite flower (like most things)...

#2. Aurora Drift Chillers (Spearmint) SKU:  629108186142

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed fresh breath and a consistent, even dose of THC? we've been there too..
If you’re looking for something to cure bad breath, and get you going on your cannabis journey, then these are the mints you’re looking for...Aurora’s most discreet edible yet, Spearmint Drift Chillers pack 2mg of Sativa dominant THC per piece. These are the perfect options to have around for those instances where you need to find your inner zen quickly, discreetly, and without a fuss. 

#1. Tweed Bakerstreet + Ginger SKU: 688083002762 

Two things that were inevitably going to mix, cannabis and soda... For the final entry on our list, we have Tweed’s Bakerstreet and Ginger Beverage. If you haven’t tried a Tweed beverage, Then what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking for a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day or just for something that you can sip on while unwinding for the evening, this drink will have you covered for whatever the ooccasion. In every 355ML can you’ll get 2mg of THC, and a refreshing mix of ginger ale with Tweed’s very own Bakerstreet strain…It’s good, very good.